Online Therapy

We are in a time and age of digital revolution, making it possible to connect with people all over the world. No longer are we limited to work with the therapists in our local area, and especially now with social distancing and lockdowns becoming the norm. Recent studies have shown that creative arts therapy sessions can successfully be adapted for online therapy (referred to as telehealth).

For more information on what creative arts therapy is, and if it is for you, click on the button below.

As the sessions are held online, you will need to provide your own art materials. It is recommended you select one of the following groups of materials for your first session.


  • oil or chalk pastels with A3 paper
  • paint, brushes and palette with A3 paper
  • Natural materials (i.e. twigs, leaves, stones, shells) and clay

All online sessions and communication between us is held in strict confidence, just as with any other form of psychotherapy. Security takes the utmost priority, using password protected Zoom sessions and trusted software to keep sessions secure.

Click here to find out more about the ethics and standards of practicing creative arts therapists.

Each session lasts one hour. For your session you will need a room where you won’t be disturbed, your art materials, a laptop with Zoom installed, and a table to work on. 

Once booked, you will receive an invite to Zoom (please ensure this program is installed before your session by clicking on this link). 

Please arrive 10 minutes early to your session.


Online Therapy