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Art Therapy Motueka, Tasman

Heartwood Arts Therapy offers Art Therapy in Motueka, New Zealand. Heartwood Arts Therapy offers mindfulness-based therapy, eco-arts therapy and creative arts therapy one-on-one and in groups. To find out more about what each of these therapies entail, click here. Then if you’re curious to know how to play in these healing modalities, click here to be taken to the therapy services page. Please take your time absorbing all the information held on these pages, and get in touch if you have any questions or want to book in. 

Creative Arts Therapy combines psychotherapeutic/counselling methods with creative expression, allowing participants to access their subconscious through imagery, dreams and metaphor. Children are already connected to this way of expressing, whereas adults have often forgotten the importance of this way of knowing, relying more on verbal expression and logic/reason to solve problems. For this reason, Creative Arts Therapy can be very effective at giving one’s inner child a voice, making it incredibly beneficial for healing childhood trauma or deeply repressed beliefs that can unknowingly affect your behaviours, feelings and thoughts in day-to-day life. It’s also of great benefit to those who feel stuck, those with anxiety/depression and those who find verbal expression challenging/limiting.

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Discover more about the services offered at Heartwood Arts Therapy in the Tasman District, New Zealand. Sessions can be held in the studio, on location in nature or online.

Read about Rachel’s history and training to be a Creative Arts Therapist, and her Heartwood Arts Therapy practice based in the beautiful sea-side town of Motueka, New Zealand.

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