Therapy in the Studio

Entering the arts therapy space is entering a place of complete acceptance for what is. Without judgement we will mindfully create and witness, exploring what is present for you, noticing and nurturing what hurts whilst watering what brings joy. Your arts therapist is your guide, your travel buddy and your protector as we gently traverse the terrain of your past, present and hopeful future at your pace.

As well as studio arts therapy, Heartwood Arts Therapy also specialises in Eco-Arts Therapy, which is a blend of ecotherapy and creative arts therapy. Sessions of Eco-Arts Therapy are held in nature and art is made using found natural materials. To find out more about what this means, click on the buttons below.

All art materials are supplied either by mother nature or by Heartwood Arts Therapy. However, you are welcome to bring along any mediums you already own and are familiar with.

Indoors Sessions

If we are working inside, we’ll begin with oil and chalk pastels, paint, pencils, paper, clay, and natural/found collage media. As we develop your feelings of ease with the materials, we can play with other art mediums such as dance/movement, drama, writing and sand tray.

Outdoors Sessions

When working outside, Papatūānuku will offer her abundance art materials. Fallen branches, leaves, moss, rocks, shells, pinecones, seedpods, driftwood, soil: the list is endless. Heartwood Arts Therapy will supply clay, water and natural additions to help support your creativity to blossom. Click here to find out more about outside sessions.

All sessions and communication between us is held in strict confidence, just as with any other form of psychotherapy. 

Click here to find out more about ethics and standards of practicing creative arts therapists.

Each session is an hour long and costs $115. If this is beyond your means, you may be eligible for funding. Click here for more information. 

Indoor sessions are held in Motueka at the therapy studio located at 354 High Street. Alternatively, if you’d prefer to experience arts therapy in nature, click here to read about Heartwood Arts Therapy’s unique therapy in nature.